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How to register a domain?

Registering your new domain is easy with MS IT Solutions. We have the tools and experience to get you of to a right start

  • The domain transfer lock ensures your domain cannot be transferred by unauthorised third parties.
  • Our professional, knowledgeable support team is always available for help and advice, 24/7.
  • One-click activation makes it easy to connect your domain with email, hosting, or social media profiles. 

How do I start a website?

Search for domain

Find the perfect domain names using MS IT Solutions powerful search engine.

Build your website

Add our website builder during checkout to build professional quality websites with no experience.

Send emails

Add an email during checkout so you can start spreading the word about your new website.


How do I transfer a domain?

Have a domain with a different provider? MS IT Solutions makes domain transfers straightforward. It is a simple process, and we help you all the way with comprehensive guides and support if you need it. To get the process start click on the Transfer Now button below.


How do I renew a domain?

Renewing your domain name is simple! Just click “Renew Now” below, or log into your Billing account, select your domain name that you would like to renew, select the term of your renewal, and check out. That’s it!

We also offer Auto Renew—a great way to keep your domain name up-to-date without having to worry about letting them accidentally expire. Check your Account Settings to find out if you have it enabled.

Customers reviews

MS IT Solutions has been great. The sevice has never been anything but the best. Not being a techie computer person, I have had no problems getting my sites up and running. Adding to them and maintaining them has also been very easy. If I can't figure it out the staff has always been there to help me get it things done.
John Graves
This is truly the best hosting company out there. Their servers are amazingly fast, and their customer support is exceptional. I currently use their VPS service to host all my websites, and everything runs smoothly, day i ...
Mila Kunis
I have had my web site hosted by MS IT Solutions for 5 years and have had no problems at all with their hosting. I now recommend Host Papa to all my clients. The Plesk is intuitive and easy to use.
Mike Sendler

Domain FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about domain names

A domain name is, the name of your website.
A domain can be divided up into three different elements: 

• a subdomain, 
• a domain name, and 
• a top-level domain (TLD) 



• the ‘about’ element is the subdomain, 
• the ‘msitsolutions’ element is the domain name itself, and 
• the ‘.net’ part of the URL is the top level domain. 

  •  Make it easy to remember. 
  • Don’t register one that’s trademarked, copyrighted or being used by another company. 
  • Shorter is usually better 
  • Got a local business? Include your city or country in your domain 
  • Avoid numbers or hyphens.

MS IT Solutions offers hosting and email service for domain names. You can order hosting, email service and SSL certificates at checkout or you can email sales at 

Country-code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) correspond to a country, territory, or other geographic location.

For example: .uk represents the United Kingdom, .fr is for France, .ca for Canada.

Yes, you can transfer single or multi domain names to us. You can complete the process at our checkout.

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