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website builder vs WordPress

Website Builder Vs. WordPress

Website Builder Vs. WordPress

Why pay someone to build a website, while you can do it yourself to your preference? Website Builder provides you with a step by step and easy guide on building your first and fast website either for your personal or business needs.

What makes MS IT Solutions’ website building platforms better, for instance, WordPress is that we can help you customize the layout of your websites’ layout to your liking, while on the other end, most of the website building platforms will only give you an option of replacing the entire template. This could be time taking, and you may end up losing most of your previously saved data.

You do not need prior planning while using Website Builder as in an attempt to help you come up with a great website; we give you insights and suggestions. In cases of other forums, you have to have a proper base planning if, after all, you expect to move forward. 

You don’t have to worry about your websites’ security, privacy and integral as we provide you with secure SSL; Secure Sockets Layer, which ensures that your data is safely encrypted and secure while passing it from our servers to your browser.

Let us briefly look at some of the reasons that mark us among the best website building platforms. Read on!

  • We give you the ultimate control over the look and how you feel

Since you don’t necessarily require a designer to build you a website with our platform, you are in total control of how you would want your website like, and how you feel it. In other forums that you have to hire a professional due to their complexity to maneuver through, you may end up dissatisfied with the end results. Why? After giving descriptions to your designer on what are anticipating, he/she may fail to deliver your expectations. Take control today with our website building tools.

  • Endless options and flexibility

Nobody would ever wish to have a website looking like everybody’s else website. We offer you dozens of options while customizing your website, making it look as appealing and unique as possible. Also, you are not limited to color options, backgrounds, fonts, formatting, and the positioning of various elements on the page; shapes, texts, images, buttons, maps, videos, social “media” share buttons, and so forth. You can also design an existing template to create a unique page that effectively represents your brand.

  • Saving on costs

It may cost you roughly £2,500 – £7,000 to hire a professional website designer for your business or personal use. As said earlier, we give you a step-by-step guide while creating your website, saving yourself over £2,500. Also, we charge affordable monthly rates, giving you a 30 day free trial of our website building tools. We value your money!

Other reasons may include;

  • It is quite fast to create a website at our platform
  • You don’t have to be a programming “guru” to use our website building services.
  • Your website still looks great even on smartphones; no alterations and dislocations of some features, the list is endless.

Why get stuck in the past while you can reach millions of people with as simple as creating a website that not only meets your business needs but also personal needs. Visit and get ready to create a perfect website that brands your business like never before. Get a 30-day free trial today! Having any queries, Let us know! 

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